7 July 2009

The Idle Parent: home education

Today the Idle Parent says "It's time to teach the meddlers a thing or two about home education."
The Idle Parent: home education
By Tom Hodgkinson, 7 Jul 2009

There's now a Global petition to support home educators (homeschoolers) in England.


  1. I just finished reading Wake Up. Start Learning's post on homeschooling regulations in Minnesota; we're here in Virginia and while my daughter isn't old enough for school, I hadn't yet thought of the role that the state will play in her education. Are you a homeschooler in the U.K.? If so or if not, what measures are you taking to become or maintain your children's education?

    Sorry for so many questions; this is a topic that I am hoping to learn and understand more about.

  2. @ Green Mamma, here in the UK homeschooling is known as home education. As the official 'school age' here is 5yrs (although most children now start younger), I'm not yet 'home educating'. However I am already unschooling sunnyboy (unschooling is usually known as Autonomous Education here).

    I 'discovered' unschooling when I started researching home education and reading books by John Holt, which I'd highly recommend. There are several links in my sidebar about unschooling and I have several posts labeled unschooling, if you want to find out more. Please do ask me any questions you want too :)