27 July 2009

Toy storage in a small space - Part 2

I've posted before about toy storage in our small, cozy flat and another way we store toys is by using a wooden box as a coffee table.

Inside the box are Sunnyboy's dressing up clothes.

It's also used among other things as a play table, an art table, a boat and for jumping off.

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  1. We store toys in our coffee table too!

  2. What a beautiful box! You are very storage creative and I love it!!

  3. That looks like a great place to store toys. I might have to try to find something like that. Our toys are piled up in a corner in our living room.

  4. What a great multi-functional piece!


  5. Wonderful idea! I have been searching for a solution to corral the toys that seem to be taking over our living room... this is great!

  6. I need a coffee table like that! Great idea!

  7. Very nice. You have great ideas for small spaces. You have to utilize every little bit of space! Enjoy your weekend~