24 July 2009

Under-18s targeted over fears for welfare

Under-18s targeted over fears for welfare
Published Date:
23 July 2009
By Gareth Bethell

Police are to stop young people on the streets and take them away to answer questions.
In a controversial operation, extra officers will be drafted into Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, to talk to under-18s from 5pm tomorrow.

The youngsters will be asked to accompany officers to face a panel of experts, including health workers and social services staff, who will question them about their welfare...

Portsmouth City Council has been given money by the Department for Children, Schools and Families to fund the operation...
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Is this for real?


  1. Wow. That is disturbing. I grew up in a small town where the sight of the ten or so of my friends and I skateboarding after 8pm caused quite the stir and I'm sure they would've loved to have had this excuse to take us in. For our "safety."

  2. Why? This is really mind blowing.

  3. Such a scary propsect, but I saw this headline in the local evening paper which just confirms the establishment's attitude to teenagers.

    The comments below the story are good though. xx

  4. This whole country gets worse by the day. George Orwell certainly had a gift of foresight with 1984!

    Amanda Goldston