24 August 2009

A babywearing doll

Another of Sunnyboy's birthday presents was this adorable African doll which we found in a charity shop. This Mama Doll with apron and baby on back was made by a Zimbabwean mother and originally sold by Batsiranai (a women’s handicraft project that supports mothers with disabled children in Harare, Zimbabwe). “Batsiranai” translates “helping each other”.

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  1. This is FANTASTIC! I want one of these!!!

  2. p.s. Helping each other is what's charity is all about, isn't it. Volunteering is bliss.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. You find the best things at your charity shops!! That doll is really sweet.

  4. That's an awesome find!!!

  5. Oh wow, such a beautiful doll.

    Except I never like them in my room especially in the dark haha :P

  6. Unique doll!
    I love that they are being made and sold to help others.
    barbara jean

  7. Hey Sunnymama, that doll is very interesting and cute with the real baby clothes. Something I haven't thought about until now.


  8. how cute!! I bet the boys would enjoy them but their daddy? I'm thinking not so much! ;) Maybe while he's away we can play with our dolls!! ;)