29 August 2009

I would prefer not to take your test

Invitation to an Open Conspiracy:
The Bartleby Project
by John Taylor Gatto

The Bartleby Project is taken from Mr. Gatto's book, Weapons of Mass Instruction, New Society Publishers 2008.


  1. thanks for sharing...very interesting food for thought.

  2. Once again, you rock! My whole life people ask me what my Meyers-Brigg type is... I say I'm a "PITA" Pain in the ...
    Why? Because I have never taken the test. I refused the first time in high school and continued to do so the rest of my life when asked by employers or what have you.
    I prefer not to take your test. If you want to get to know how I tick, spend time with me. Thank you.

  3. Yours is the second blog I've read this week that mentions Gatto. My curiosity is piqued--I'm going to check him out! (After too many years of just hearing his name...)

  4. Bartleby Project 2010 on YouTube:

  5. Thank you Anonymous! :)