17 August 2009

Near Mama's Heart

Near Mama's Heart, a children's book about breastfeeding by Colleen Newman.
Near Mama's Heart, with real pictures of nursing babies and their families, describes the power of breastfeeding from a child's perspective. This must have book perfectly demonstrates the beauty and importance of the most natural and precious gift a child can ever receive.

'What kids (don't) see in their picture books. And why it matters.' - Helen Jeffcoat and Emily Dickson, Reproduced from 'Essence' magazine Volume 42, Number 2
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  1. Breast feeding gives the child more health benefits too. So I was told :). Nutrients from the momma is much more compared to nutrients in the can of milk powder.

  2. i breastfed both my babies till they were 18 months - and was really sad to stop. it was such a special time for both baby and mamma

  3. This is great! I spend the majority of time with my AP crowd of friends so I'm always amazed when I wander out into the general population at the stigma that is still attached to breastfeeding.

    Just last night I was watching a dvd of a tv show from Showtime which has featured drugs, violence and graphic sex scenes but had a mother nursing her newborn in her own home covered with a blanket. I suppose they couldn't actually show a nursing infant since she wasn't really a new mom but that blanket bothered me to no end.

  4. I wish I would've been able to nurse Ingrid. If we have another I will for sure figure out a way to :)

  5. I am IN this book! Whoo-hoo! My son and I are the photo that says "Her skin is so soft, her body so warm (about 58 seconds into your video clip).
    He was about 15 months then. He just self weaned a few weeks after his 5th birthday!
    Thank you for posting this!

  6. @boatbaby, that's awesome! We don't have this book but I would love to get it for sunnyboy.

  7. Breastfeeding my two children was the best time in my life! There is nothing like it. Our closeness was so intimate, special. I feel blessed to have been able to breastfeed. I wish that everyone who wanted to could do it. I realize that there are complications sometimes, and then we must make do the best we can. Thank goodness we have an alternative in case we can't breastfeed. But my vote will always be breastfeeding if it can be done.

    Thanks for all you are doing to help teach others and share information.


  8. Oh I tried and tried and tried again to breastfeed my baby girl but I was starving her...I was not producing enough for her... It broke my heart! I'm over it now but I knew I was going to breastfeed from the day I knew she in my womb!

  9. Wonderful!
    Attachment parenting and breastfeeding is very close to my heart, it is lovely to hear of a book that shows this in a positive light for our children!!