24 August 2009

Presents, a party hat and a cake

All of the presents I gave Sunnyboy for his birthday were secondhand from charity shops, except for the little red trolley which we bought from a community shop. I have a larger trolley that I use for grocery shopping and so Sunnyboy was delighted with his own child-sized trolley with an elephant picture. As we're usually together when shopping Sunnyboy had seen some of his presents before but had been quite happy for us to 'hide' them in the wardrobe until his birthday, and once we'd hidden them he forgot all about them. I wrapped his presents in reused wrapping paper and bags.

The day before his birthday Sunnyboy said he would like a party hat with a string to tie under his chin, so after he went to bed I made him a party hat and left it in the living room for him to find in the morning.

Because Sunnyboy had been given a birthday cake at work the day before his birthday I decided not to make another, and put his wooden cake out for him instead. On the morning of his birthday though two of our young neighbours came round to play and asked if he had a real cake, so I put together a make-do cake and Sunnyboy blew out the candles.

Walking home from the shop with both of our trolleys:
Me - "Your trolley's nicer than my trolley."
Sunnyboy - "Yes it is mama."

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  1. The wooden cake looks so real. If you didn't say it is wooden I would thought it was real in fact haha.

    The trolley is so cute! I love elephants too <3.

    Wow now that make-do cake sure is nice. Looks like a kids joy to me.. least to me it is. Lollies, Rolls and Smarties! Yumy yumy!

  2. Oh sorry forgot to mention, the party hat looks very nice. Got a picture of Sunnyboy wearing it? :)

  3. I could go for that kind of cake! Sunnyboy was very patient waiting until his Birthday for his presents like that.

  4. Happy belated birthday Sunnyboy! Wishing you health and happiness :)

  5. Happy birthday!!!! I love simple celebrations. Real ones.

  6. That sounds like a perfect birthday!

  7. What a perfect day - Happy Birthday Sunnyboy! :-)

  8. What a great birthday.... :)
    Happy Birthday a little late...