25 August 2009

The preschool years

'The preschool years are not the time to teach reading or math. We should use life’s most impressionable years to teach life’s most important lesson: how to be happy!'
-Richard and Linda Eyre, in 'Teaching Children Joy'

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  1. This is a great quote, especially when talking about formal instruction. I have found though, that for unschoolers especially, math and reading "instruction" is so natural and embedded in day to day living that children emerge from their early childhood with great understandings of letters, numbers, patterns, and relationships. It is truly wonderous to see.

  2. I agree with Hope - I am already seeing this in action and I love it. Great quote and link Sunnymama, but I have developed a bit of a problem with the term 'preschool'. xxx

  3. @Hope, yes I've seen this already with Sunnyboy's natural interest in numbers, maths and the written word. It's awesome to watch a child learning in this organic way :)

    @Jacqui, I agree! The terms schoolboy/schoolgirl I also have a problem with. It's a shame children are defined in this way.

  4. Another great quote. I also see this in my children. They are always counting, and talking about letters. I love watching them!

  5. Excellent quote, I agree!

  6. I have been fortunate to hear the Eyre's speak several times and I have been impressed every time with what they have taught. Preschool is a time to teach them how to be happy and recognize right from wrong. We need to make sure we teach our children integrity. If one lives their life with integrity, they will surely be happy. I totally believe this! I still think you are doing an awesome job raising your son.

    Have a wonderful week.