3 August 2009

Bumper Book of 101 Things to Make and Do

This book was one of our recent charity shop finds and cost five pence. Dean's Bumper Book of 101 Things to Make and Do by Violet M. Williams was published in 1968.

"I am going to make a doll," said John.
"I am going to hammer nails into this piece of wood," declared Jane.
That sounds the wrong way round, doesn't it? Just because some jobs sound more like a boy's work than a girl's, however, does not mean that each one cannot attempt the other's! Many of the following pages can be followed by girls or boys, thought the embroidery pages and the dolls are more likely to please the girls, whilst the making of some of the models will appeal more to their brothers.

A Homemade Periscope
If you are six feet tall you can probably look over the heads of the crowds or even over a high wall! If you are not yet as tall as that you can still look over the heads , or the wall.

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  1. That looks just our sort of book, that does! The old ones are the best, every time. :)

  2. aww I love the old childrens books! This one is so sweet : )

  3. Ooh-er I actually have this book - got it for Christmas in 1969 when i was 9 :0 there are pages all marked and cut up, but it is still on the shelf.

  4. Gosh I adore those sorts of books. Makes me want to head right out to a thrift shop!