20 December 2009

Snow - 7

Playing indoors

It's been snowing here since Thursday evening but with the long winter nights there's not so much time to play outside in the daylight. We've been putting our baby bath to use again and bringing the snow indoors for the evenings.

While playing outdoors over the last few days, I've been putting newspaper and old towels on the floor in the house. I made a path across the living room with them so the carpet stays mostly dry and we don't have to take our boots off each time we go in and out to the garden again.

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  1. I've brought snow in before on dinner trays, using a baby bath is an even better idea!

  2. What fun! Looks like he is having a big time! :-)

  3. You are such a fun mommy to bring the snow inside! I'll bet your little one had so much fun!

  4. It was cold enough here for snow, but still none. Looks like fun. Thanks for linking up.

  5. What an fun play idea! I never did bring snow into the house for the kids to play in.

    I will have to keep this idea for the future and the hopeful grandkids. (Rachael is set on having 1 child and Ryan always uses a plural when he talks about the future and his eventual family.)

    Again you have provided your son with such a wonderful play/learning experience.

    Take care and thanks for sharing.

    Make-Do Mondays @ Practically Perfect Life

  6. Wish we had snow to bring indoors... it's just COLD here:)

    But my kids found that dumping their huge bin of stuffed animals (that we are sorting through today) is fun to play in.... stuffed animal balls, swimming in them:) And I hear them setting up a zoo right now:)

    Not quite snow... but it's kept them plenty busy this morning:)

  7. Ooh, this is a good idea!

    We've had snow too - the best bit about our home educating is that we get to relish the snow when it does come! On Monday we were outside for the whole day - even eating a picnic at a park just so we could do a full day of snow activities (in case it melted too soon).