15 December 2009

Our winter decorations

Last week we finally took down the remains of last year's winter decorations and decorated our house for this winter.

Our charity shop decorations from last year were two angels and a snowman and we hung these up again this year.

Then we went charity shopping for new (secondhand) decorations and found a holly tree and two stars.

We painted gold and silver fir cones,

made bunting with fabric scraps,

made paper chains,

and some more paperchains.

Making paperchains makes Sunnyboy happy.

We made some stars too.

This year's winter decorations include Sunnyboy's glittery apples from the apple workshop and bookmark from the Winter Fair.

We also put up our tree. This was given to us at work the first Christmas we were there, because Sunnyboy liked it.

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  1. such simple yet lovely decorations! I always like all this simple decors :). Makes the whole place feel so warm compare to those commercialiazed things. :). Thank you ^^ you just made me feel so warm.

  2. I love those decorations! Thanks for linking up at Happily Blended on Sunday!!!

  3. Love all your beautiful decorations and like ladyviral, I love the simplicity and they do make you feel warm inside, unlike all the commercialized decorations. Wonderful post and I know you're looking forward to a lovely Christmas!

    Enjoy your day!


  4. Beautiful, I love pine cones, they tend to decorate our room all year round!

  5. love your winter decorations!

  6. Love the cozy feel of your decorations! Truly feels like Christmas!

  7. Love how you decorated the pine cones! Very cute and simple yet festive and cheery!!
    Summer :0)

  8. They are adorable, and mean so much as you've made them - so Christmassy! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas x

  9. I love all your garlands, bring back many memories. Might have to make a paper chain this week.