27 December 2009

A year of favourite places

Days out, 2009

1. Wordless, 2. Another walk by the river, 3. Our favourite cafe, 4. Our shop window, 5. Water, 6. Car booting, 7. Rectory Farm and Maize Maze, 8. Shopping, 9. A festival at Necessary Room, 10. A street party, 11. Not Back To School Picnic, 12. Wordless, 13. Not The Beach, 14. Home Education at the Country Park, 15. In the woods, 16. The Museum of Zoology, 17. Southwold in September, 18. The garden centre, 19. The fireworks display, 20. A kite, 21. Home Education at the Botanic Garden, 22. A boat trip, 23. Cityscapes, 24. Our weekend in Windsor, 25. Mother Nature in our corner of the world, 26. Wordless, 27. Running around at the little park, 28. Voting, the park and an update, 29. The Winter Fair and a book stall, 30. Our work outing: Hadleigh, 31. A day out with Duba, 32. The wildlife park, 33. Home Education on a boat, 34. The cafe with the play-house, 35. Our work outing: Southend, 36. Wordless

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  1. i would love to be able to homeschool my children. but things are not so easy where i live.

  2. I wish I had this photo widget.

    @Kamana: we'd not call it easy here atm! It must be difficult where you are if it appears so easy here. You have my sympathy. It is a basic right to be able to educate our children. It should belong to all of us.

  3. What a lovely mosaic. I love your pictures.
    In Holland it is the law that children go to school at 5 years old. Homeschooling is not allowed.
    Happy New Year to you and yours

  4. Another lovely set of memories! Love it!

  5. Lots of wonderful memories of all the places Sunnyboy has visited. It is a wodnerful mosaic.