24 December 2009

A paper plate solstice sun, snow scene collage, crackers, more decorations (and a hole punch)

For our solstice celebration we made a paper plate sun with clementine peel and lots of glue. Sunnyboy loves glue. We've hung it up in our hall so we see the sun when we get home. It's bright and cheerful and also smells nice.

We made some more paper chains and, inspired by a First Christmas Craft at mama smiles, used a hole punch to decorate the paper with holes.

Then we used the paper in the hole punch to make a winter snowy collage. We added some snowflake sequins and used the rest of the pages from the damaged Maisy book that we'd previously repurposed to make stick puppets.

We've also been making crackers with cardboard tubes, string and used wrapping paper and bows. Inside are a compass, a whistle and a little jar of craft glitter, balloons, chocolates and (because Sunnyboy wants the crackers to go bang) party poppers.

This week at our charity shop decorations have been half price and for £2 we bought all of these new (secondhand) decorations and a Santa aka Homer Simpson (to be explained) bottle-opener. We've added these finds to the rest of our winter decorations.

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  1. What great ideas there.
    We have really enjoyed getting to know you and Sunnyboy this year - many Christmas Blessings to you all. xxx

  2. Nice crafts there & it's a good way to recycle too... Merry Xmas to u Sunnymama, Sunnyboy + Sunnypapa!

  3. Anything done with children are worth the time. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  4. Oh I love your Snowy collage! what a great idea
    Merry xmas Sunnymama and family!:-)

  5. Your sun is beautiful, and I really like your Christmas crackers! I love the Maisy characters in your wintery snow collage made form hole punch holes also, and what lovely paper you used to make your paper chain!

  6. So lovely! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas xx

  7. I love the orange peel sun - will have to try that some time! I've found you via your giveaway (I have the book already though, and love it), so now I'm having a good look through your posts and really enjoying what I'm reading!

  8. lots of great crafts and projects!

  9. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a great idea. My little baby girl like different things to do and I think this will be enjoyable for me also when I'll see she is making this.