14 December 2009

A make-do recipe and a baby bath

Every now and then I go through our kitchen cupboards to clear out the food that's hidden at the back and years past the 'best before' dates. This time Sunnyboy put it all to use.

Start with a baby bath, some organic crispbakes, mixed nuts and a pestle and mortar.

Add some spaghetti and some green china tea bags.

Grind well.

Rip open the tea bags and add contents to the mix, along with some dried oregano.

Stir in some weetabix minis and rice krispies multi-grain shapes (left over from breakfast).

Add water.

This is what you get.

We didn't have a baby bath when Sunnyboy was a baby because we used a Tummy Tub, but I came across this baby bath being thrown out with some cardboard boxes a couple of years ago and of course I took it home thinking it could be useful for something. Having a baby bath has ended up being so handy and it's regularly filled with water, mud, pasta, rice, oats, shaving cream and all kinds of other mixtures and make-do recipes.

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  1. He would have loved all the spices I threw out recently. :) What a fun mess!

  2. love the freedom shown here.

    the new banner is so cool!!! reminds me of Tibetan prayer flags.


  3. my kids used to love what we called "an experiment"

  4. LOL! baby bath's a good idea.

  5. Now THAT looks like some fun!!!

  6. and what do we get out of it?

    A massive heap of fun and memories :P.

  7. SUCH a good idea! Thanks for the tip on containing the learning messes.

  8. At first I thought this was a real recipe and then you said add spaghetti and green tea and I just stared. HUH?? Messy projects like that are so much fun!!

  9. Perfect! We have one just sitting down in the basement collecting dust. What a fantastic idea.

  10. This is such a fun activity. i can remember mom sending me ouside on the porch with a big pot and a bunch of spices. This was the extent of my cooking carrer. LOL!

  11. How fun is that?? Nothing more fun that making a mess :)

  12. Sounds like something my kids would enjoy doing!

  13. great idea! I bet he had tons of fun!

  14. What a great way for kids to play and learn hands on! :) Fabulous!

  15. That looks like fun!!!!!

  16. I am continually amazed at the opportunities that you create for your wonderful son. How awesome you are in teaching him valuable lessons through play and experience.

    You are such a wonderful example of creativeness, learning and play.

    Thanks for sharing with Make-Do Monday and supporting me on my Blog.

    Have a wonderful week and Christmas Holiday. I plan on having a wonderful Christmas as soon as my next 3 tests are done with tomorrow and Tuesday. School is a time hog!!! But I love learning!!

    Merry Christmas my friend.

    Make-Do Mondays @ Practically Perfect Life