20 February 2011

Volcano videos and links for children

For several weeks Sunnyboy has been fascinated by volcanoes and yesterday we went looking for more volcano resources online.

His favourite volcano video is Volcano Eruption by John Seach (volcano adventurer and film maker) at Volcano Live.

Earth Science: How a Volcano Forms

Volcano Explorer at Discovery Kids (Sunnyboy loves the virtual volcano)

Photo Gallery: Volcanoes at National Geographic

Kids Investigate Volcanoes! at Squidoo

Continental Drift & Plate Tectonics

How Volcanoes Formed

The Sounds of an Erupting Volcano

The power of Etna

The Volcano Song

We had a great time last night watching volcano videos before bed and singing The Volcano Song. Thanks to @CamilleBijou, from lightly enchanted, for some great volcano website suggestions via Twitter.

Do you know of any volcano websites for children, or volcano videos? We would love it if you let us know and leave links in the comments section.

More volcano links from the comments section:
TopGear: James Goes to IceLand Volcano (suggested by The Barefoot Crofter)
learning about volcanoes (suggested by mama smiles)

Our volcano activities:
Playdough little volcano
A volcano painting


  1. Great resource Sunnymana. We love volcanoes here too. We did a search a while ago, but your list is better. Have you watched the Top Gear drive up the Icelandic volcano from last year? I am sure it must be on YouTube somewhere. Xx

  2. Ooh thanks Jacqui! :) I had a look and found it here: James Goes to IceLand Volcano

  3. you are welcome, I'm glad you could find some thing useful. Love that volcano song! :)

  4. We love the volcano song too! :)

  5. What a fantastic assortment of videos! The kids and I will enjoy these this week, thank you!

    If you haven't seen it, I think you would quite enjoy this story about a young child and volcanoes at blissful-e:

  6. Thank you MaryAnne, that really is a wonderful story! So glad you left the link. :)