14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Corner View is hosted by Spain Daily and we are invited to post pictures telling the stories of our different lives and cultures. This week's theme is 'Valentine's Day'.


Jane from Spain Daily is away for a while so Corner View is being hosted by Theresa at All of Us.

Corner Views from around the world:
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  1. Hi Sunnymama,
    thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.I am glad you are enjoying my posts.
    May I take this opprtunity to invite you over here? One day when the weather is nice and warm? Sunnyboy and D. can play while we chat?

  2. How cute the little beach houses are :)

  3. Nice post. :-) Hope you're having a great WW.

  4. Great images of the beach houses. :)

  5. Beautiful photos. Makes me want to take a vacation and stare at the water.

  6. I almost forgot...LOVE the new blog header :)

  7. Beautiful photos of the beach houses. I was thinking about you today and that I must visit your space to see how you were doing. Sasha's doll is adorable isn't it, I can't wait to give it to him, and then we'll find out what he names it. The last doll I made they didn't like and called him Kaboogie, his hair wasn't that great, I found a new home for him, they've never forgotten him and still talk about him. We might be moving to a farm in the S. France. The climate is lovely there, it would be nice if the boys could explore and play some day. Lovely to have heard from you. Kisses to you and your sweet little sunshine. xxx

  8. Great pictures!

    <3 your blog!
    Stopping by from:

  9. Looks like a cold and dreary, wintry day. But beautiful none the less.

    Turtle Soup

    I hope your Wednesday is treating you well!!

  10. Looks like a lovely beach, but it would be even nicer on a sunny summer day. Great shots.

  11. Great images... even in the dead of winter, beach folks know that brightly colored houses make everyone happier! Seems to be a theme the world over!

  12. ca me rapelle mes vacances à la mer ;)

    Remember, Every Friday, The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"