24 February 2011

More games with old calendars

Last year I posted about games with old calendars and this week we did some more activities with some old calendars we'd saved. First we made another matching game with an animal calendar.

Then we used the pages from a calendar with pictures of scenery to make sticker pictures.

This was my picture.

Sunnyboy did all these.

Sunnyboy really enjoyed this activity and telling stories about the pictures he created, with a running commentary on what was happening as he put each sticker on the page. A bonus of using a calendar with glossy pages was that he could peel off the stickers again and move them around as he told the story.

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  1. This is a lovely idea! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. What a creative little guy you have there Sunnymumma!This is a good idea for calanders.At this time of year a few of the dollar stores are still getting rid of the ones for this year.I will mention that to a friend of mine:)

  3. That is such a cool idea! I like how the glossy pages can be reused. Very clever, thanks for sharing! And thanks so much for joining in the "Unplugged Project" this month. I hope it was fun! PS. We once cut old calendar pages into pieces and made jigsaw puzzles.

  4. Thank you for linking this up to learning laboratory - it's such a wonderful way for children to experience creative learning!!!

  5. Oh what a lovely way to recycle old calendars!! I love them! Such a great idea!! Next time granny brings us her old ones, I will know what to make!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty - much appreciated!


  6. I know a few kids who are gonna love this idea! Thanks!

  7. This a great storytelling idea!