26 February 2011

More inspiration

Last week I posted 50 inspiring links and here's an update with some more inspiration since then.

A beautiful post describing Infertility in the Bookstore at It's a Brave New World, Baby.

To Wallow or Not Wallow? That is the Question at The 2 Week Wait. This post made me laugh and cry.

Ready to be a Mom reaches the final six weeks of pregnancy and writes about Infertility Gratitude.

Thinking about giving children freedom after some Pond dipping at Aqeela's home & garden.

Worms Eye-View has created some fantastic Play Trays in Mini beasts and a look towards Spring.

We Are Here posts pictures of a day of being creative out of nothing and links to Made by Joel (an awesome blog with lots of fun and inspiring art projects, toys and crafts).

The Mahogany Way family hang out in jammies and play in the backyard.

Sharing poetry in Why I Read Poetry to My Toddler at Imagination Soup.

Papa Kangaroo talks about Semi-Infinite Rods and going into the wide world of mummy and daddy bloggers.

Just a Bald Man explains Why We Unschool.

A wonderful story about running home from school and learning about volcanoes at Blissful E. (Thanks to MaryAnne from mama smiles who left the link for this post on our Volcano videos and links for children post.)


  1. great links! thanks for putting these together :)

  2. I love Made by Joel, he's got some great crafts!

    I just read one of your posts about your IVF trials and it made me so sad. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. This makes the pictures of a smiling Sunnyboy that much sweeter :)

  3. You find such wonderful posts, thank you for sharing them!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed that story at Blissful E! Isn't her mother's reaction wonderful?

  4. Hi, I read your story of infertility and pregnancy, of your babies and sunnyboy... you are very courageous. I am an italian teacher, mom of one daughter (and four babies gone to Heaven)... good life for you! I linked you in my blog Mens Sana Sorry for my english...

  5. What wonderful reads, and I love the photo of Sunny boy... he always makes me smile! :-)

  6. Thank you for sharing these. I'm so honored to be among these inspiring posts. You are amazing for all that you do.

  7. Thank you for the links!! I'm visiting from No Time For Flashcards and I'm your newest follower. :-)