4 January 2010

Abraham-Hicks: Preschool genius won't listen

Part One

Part Two


  1. Yeah!!! I love this...we have one requirement...respect...it's a learning curve for the little ones but because I leave it up to them they tend to do more, not less..it's a tough lesson...non interference..gave my daughter(15) the right to choose for herself this year and I've worked on our relationship rather than her education..she has stopped skipping classes, is passing everything and knows SHE did it all...and if she has a low mark, that's on her too....

    Love Abraham-Hicks!


  2. Great talk. Thanks for sharing. I only wish the outcome would be true for that little boy - that his teacher would accept him as a non-conformist. I get the feeling he'll be labeled as a trouble-maker for being a free-spirit. Sad, but the lesson here is a very good one that I hope many more people will hear. "Don't squash a child's intuition... Think outside the box. Children are born pure - why would we want to change them?"