9 November 2009

Puzzle storage

Sunnyboy loves to do jigsaw puzzles. He has a bookcase in our hallway with shelves for puzzles,

and a homemade puzzle rack in a cupboard in our living room.

All of the puzzles we buy are secondhand and some of the boxes are old and falling apart, so I transfer the puzzles to new boxes and tins, with the pictures cut out and stuck on the outside. This means that I can often use smaller boxes to store the puzzles, taking up less storage space.

We also use bags to store puzzles and found some clear zippered bags so Sunnyboy can see which puzzles are inside.

Other secondhand puzzles we buy have boxes that are still in good condition but sometimes have more than one puzzle in a box. To make it easier to see which puzzle is which I put them in separate bags inside the box.

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  1. Great post! Love the tins especially.

  2. Lol! You have almost as many jigsaws as we do (or maybe more)! I like the jigsaw rack - very clever :-)

  3. Fabulous idea! We keep all of our toys in bags under the salon table, but I never thought about doing the puzzles that way. Cool!

  4. Excellent puzzle storage tips - thanks!

  5. Absolutely Wonderful!!! I love how you put the picture on the tins. and also used those great zipper bags! What a wonderful way to organize puzzles. Puzzles can get out of hand so easily and you have prevented that with these genius ideas.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Make-Do Monday. This is a perfect tip!! I am thinking that using tins for some games would work better than their boxes too. Thanks for such a wonderful idea.


  6. what a neat idea the tin is...I shall try that.

    thanks for sharing.

  7. What a fabulous idea! I love the tins the most.

    I actually do the same with my boys games, re: ziploack bags. It keeps everything neat and in one place, which is really important in a small place.

  8. These are fab! What a fantastic idea for puzzles.


  9. I like these. They look *much* cuter than the original boxes and work better as well. Bonus!