6 July 2009

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

One of my favourite TEDTalks is this fantastic talk by Gever Tulley.

Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

This week the TEDBlog featured an interview with Gever Tulley and his latest TEDTalk is now available online.

Gever Tulley: Life lessons through tinkering

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  1. I loved his first TED talk. Fantastic stuff more parents need to hear these days.

    I remember when I posted pictures of my girls playing with candle wax on my blog, I had some friends comment with "How dangerous!" or "You are so brave." I was obviously right there supervising.

    My theory is that when kids are taught the safe way to do things, they'll be *less* likely to get hurt and less likely to get into trouble than children who are wholesale denied the chance to do anything for fear of getting hurt.

  2. Thanks for sharing these - wonderful!

  3. Wow, Love TedTalks, but had never seen these, thanks for sharing!

  4. wow, what a fantastic post :)

  5. I saw this recently and loved it! My friends and I have lists of "dangerous" things we let our kids do. I think the one that gives some people the most pause is letting them get up on the roof with dad to hang Christmas lights, clean gutters and such- they've been doing it since they were about 4 and most people (including my mother) think I'm nuts. :)

    I also highly recommend my favorite TED talk of all time, the Ken Robinson "Schools Kill Creativity" talk that is conviently located on the right side of the screen on the same page as this one.

  6. That is great. we just got back from camping where we let the kids play with fire!