5 July 2009

Snapshot Sunday in the garden

Visit Sarah at The Napping House to play Snapshot Sunday and read an explanation here.


  1. I always love your snapshot sunday pictures!

  2. So I'm thinking all the mud explains the laundry, :-) But, did you guys do some weekend planting?

  3. Green Mamma, yes we've been doing more gardening.

    The clothes are hanging on the bench because the children were playing with the hosepipe and after getting wet Sunnyboy decided to get naked.

    The laundry basket will be explained tomorrow in my Make-Do Monday post :)

  4. Every time I see you update, I think, "wow, she's really on top of the days!" because I'm still drinking my coffee and you're reporting on your day. Then I remember we live on different continents.

    Stupid Americans and their complete and utter egocentrism. ;)

  5. Thank you for your visit - greetings from Croatia :-).

  6. I loved your photos!
    Your home looks like a fun place to be : )