27 July 2009

Making a stand for the under 3s

Oliver James
Selfish Capitalist Lectures 2/3
This event features Madeline Bunting and is entitled "Making a stand for the under 3s. Correcting New Labour's Childcare and Education Polices".

Daycare believers - In saying that single mothers should go back to work, the government is trying to convince us that only paid employment confers dignity.


  1. A wretched situation. What if we want to raise our own kids?

  2. That was such an interesting lecture. I have never heard so much sense being spoken for a long while. Thank you so much for that. I am going to see Penelope Leach at the Edinburgh Book Festival talking about who should be looking after children. xx

  3. @Jacqui, that sounds interesting, I hope you will blog about it and let us know what she says :)