9 March 2009

Busy Penguins

This week I'm participating in Book Sharing Monday at Serendipity. The book I've chosen is our most recent Amazon purchase, Busy Penguins by John Schindel & Jonathan Chester. It has really sweet and funny photographs of penguins doing different things, with simple rhyming text to accompany the pictures. Sunnyboy's favourite page is 'penguin pooping', which he finds fascinating and amusing. Here is some more of the text:

'penguins sliding, penguins diving, penguins splashing, penguins dashing...'

'penguin pooping, penguins drooping'


  1. What a cute book! We love our books around here. I have a box of books that my boys had as toddlers. Reading your post made me think of all the memories we had reading those books. Have a great Monday!

  2. Welcome to Book Sharing Monday! So happy you are joining us and thanks for spreading the word!
    That penguin book looks cute :)