6 March 2009

An art easel in a small space

We live in a small and cosy flat. At the moment we don't have room for an art easel, so I made one on a door. All I needed was two hooks and a hole-punch for the paper. Now Sunnyboy has a permanent easel and supply of paper on our living room door. He can easily pull off the finished piece of artwork and then has another blank sheet of paper ready. Sunnyboy decided to stick this picture up in the gallery.

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  1. Great idea for a small space. We too try to utilize all of the surfaced we can. On all of our doors we hang artwork. Thanks for participating! This is a great idea!

  2. found you via wfmw - what a great idea.

  3. Very clever! I am sure that your son loves it. It is kind of cheating, it is almost like writing on the wall/door but not getting in trouble!

    I am sure he feels like a great big kid when he is creating.

    You are really utilizing all your space and I'll bet your flat doesn't feel that small anymore.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. This is a fabulous solution! I love it! We live in a house big enough to store an easel, but your plan is wiser.

  5. Good idea! It's best to have an easy way for kids to "do art" -- and this qualifies!

    I like that he can take down the paper himself! What a big boy!!!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my freezer organization :) I think those berry boxes can be useful for many things, like storing art supplies? ;)

  6. Fun tip! I would like this as an adult. It would be great as a permanent place to put my to do list haha

    I came over here via Make-Do-Mondays

  7. I love your wall of art!

  8. I think that that is neat how you used your door to make an art easel. I would have never thought about that. That is a really good idea. Thank you for the tip.