30 March 2009

On the climbing frame

Sunnyboy relaxing on the climbing frame (picture by Nozy)

See more monochrome pictures at Monochrome


  1. Nice B&W - but I am sure he is a colourful character.
    Welcome to the theme.
    In the header, your boy looks as though he is performing martial arts movements. Cool.

  2. Awww, a very good model for mono....

  3. Cool photo.

    "Inspirational Monday" is the brainchild of vchelle at

    One and all are invited to participate and go to her blog and post your links and comments.

  4. Sunny mama:

    Here's the link for this week's Inspirational Monday at Operation You blog. I left the wrong one before:

    Very cool idea. Stop on over there and leave your links of what inspires you. All are invited to participate.

  5. Oh, so, so cute. He knows how to relax. My kind of kid. I wish I was right there beside him.. After battling the flu this weekend, I need relaxation outdoors.

    Mondays are usually a challenge for me because of work and other things so I wanted to turn a negative into a positive. I wanted to think and feel of things that inspired me. Happy Inspirational Mondy!

  6. Your sunny boy looks quite comfortable there. Cute photo.

  7. Nice one! He loks SO comfortable.

  8. I bet he didn't stay laying down for too long.