9 March 2009

More happy things and The Good Life Parable

Following on from the happy theme in my previous post I thought I'd list some more things that made Sunnyboy happy today.

He was happy and busy playing with lego this morning.

He was really pleased with his new bamboo t-shirt,

and enjoyed a spinach pakora.

Noddy went to the post office and bank with us, then charity shopping and to our favourite cafe for tea. Sunnyboy was impressed with the new little chairs by the children's section at the secondhand bookshop, "It's just the right fit" he told everyone in the shop. Back at home Sunnyboy found Noddy a helicopter to fly in and watched Noddy videos.

The bouncing pig broke (again) and Sunnyboy was delighted that he fixed it himself.

A video that made me happy today:

More Than Money: The Good Life Parable


  1. I am sure that he has a lot of fun with those logos, thats my kids favorite toys. He got a lot of nicest toys. I love that pig and Noddy and his helicopter. Beautiful. Do you sell woods toys?
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Finally watched the video you shared in this post - I've had it starred in google reader. It's a good parable, thanks for sharing!