23 March 2009

A lazy monday

Today was a lazy monday. In the morning it was pouring with rain and we stayed indoors and played. We got out the new Climb@Tron Exploring Robot that we bought last week for 30p and tried that out. It amused us for about ten minutes and then Sunnyboy decided it should go back to the charity shop for another child to play with. He returned to the elaborate game he was involved in which meant using up every bit of floor space in our living room to spread out his train set, garage and cars, and various other toys. After lunch and a quick tidy we went for a lovely walk; Sunnyboy sang to himself as he splashed in all the puddles and found some moss, some blossom and a stick for our spring nature basket. We went to the post office, did some charity shopping (I'll be posting about our latest bargains soon) and went to our favourite cafe for tea. In the evening Sunnyboy watched his new Return Of The Jedi video and covered the floor with toys again.


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