21 March 2009

More working and playing in the garden

Today we got together with our neighbours again for another day of working and playing in the garden. There were lots of things happening,

and Sunnyboy was busy all day.

He carried logs to the wood store,

chopped wood,

attempted skateboarding down the slide,

and, of course, helped build a bonfire.


  1. What a hard little worker Sunnyboy is! ;)

  2. Looks like a fun day in the garden!

  3. Sunnyboy is an active guy. Are you and your neighbors building a community garden?

  4. What a fun day for a little one... also wanted to say that I love your blog photo... you have captured a 'moment'.

  5. What a lovely fun you had this day! Overhere in the Netherlands it also was lovely weather and my hb and kids did jobs in the garden too. But this garden that you have is so huge! Do you use it with other neighbours? Your son is going to be a timberman, for sure! He's very cute and tell him that he is very STRONG!
    P.s. ofcource you can copy the breastmilk blinky! I am a milkmama and want to spread the word..

  6. Yes, we have a shared garden with our neighbours. It's good fun getting together to do work and we can get lots done as a group.

  7. het lieveheersbeestje, thank you for the use of the breastmilk blinkie. I'll spread the word with it too!