10 March 2009

A Quote a Day

I'm a couple of days late joining the Weekly Geeks challenge, which is to post a quote a day for a week, so I'm starting today and will post quotes until Sunday. I'm going to choose quotes from some of my favourite books about children and parenting, and decided to start with A Voice for the Child: The Inspirational Words of Janusz Korczak, edited by Sandra Joseph. I picked two quotes as I couldn't choose between them.

'Because a child cannot be idle, he will poke into every corner,
Inspect every nook and cranny,
Find things and ask questions about them.
Everything seems interesting to him.
The moving dot which turns out to be an ant.
The glittering glass bead or an expression or
Sentence which he may have overheard.'

'As for emotions, the child feels more strongly,
Having not yet developed inhibitions.
As for intellect, he is at least our equal,
Wanting nothing but experience.
That is why frequently an adult is like a child
And the child like an adult.
The only other difference is that he does not earn his keep,
And as a dependant is forced to submit to somebody else's will.'


  1. Nice editions to the options this week. Thank you.

  2. Very nice quote. I have two cousins who are 18 months old, and I can certainly see them reflected in this quote. *grin*