14 March 2009

A Quote a Day

For the Weekly Geeks challenge today I've chosen a short quote from a parenting book I haven't read yet. Free Range Kids: Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry by Lenore Skenazy is due to be published in about a month but the introductory chapter has just been posted on Scribd. Lenore Skenazy caused a huge controversy in America when she let her nine year old ride the subway alone and then wrote a column about it for The New York Sun, and after this experience she started the Free-Range Kids blog.

'And that's really what we're talking about here. Carrie came home joyful. The world had become a less scary place, and she had fun along the way. All our kids need those opportunities to roam, to fall, to fail, and, finally, to fly.'

FREE RANGE KIDS (Intro) by Lenore Skenazy


  1. Great choice of a quote. Once last summer I let my daughter step out of the public library to get something from the car, which was open and parked near the door and within my range. I got such a scolding from the librarian. She was 10. She got confused between the automatic doors. I wondered what I was doing as a mom that my kid couldn't get through two sets of electric doors without help. Yeesh!

  2. She definitely has a point. We may tend to shelter our kids more then they need it. But that being said I'm a more nervous mother and probably would have driven myself crazy had I let my son come home all alone on the subway at 10. She was a very interesting Oped writer for the Daily News before the controversy. I enjoyed reading her op eds, so her book must be really good.