15 March 2009

Working in the garden

Yesterday we got together with some of our neighbours to do some work in the garden. Sunnyboy helped me clean up round the greenhouse and sweep up leaves into a big pile,

and he helped Nozy build a wood store.

He watched some neighbours make a new fence,

and was busy all day.

We found some rope behind the greenhouse and decided to make a rope swing,

and then we made a slide.

We added some more features and made a play area.

We put some of our recent charity shop finds in the garden (the cherub was 50p and the fairies were 80p for the pair),

and we found some other interesting things to look at.

We stayed out in the garden all day, and had an alfresco lunch and supper.

Sunnyboy had a great day, and an early night after all his hard work.


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