30 March 2009

The Daily Groove: Beyond Right and Wrong

The Daily Groove from Scott Noelle today encourages us to look within to our Inner Guidance, something children do naturally. As a parent I am so fortunate and blessed to be given such a wonderful example in Sunnyboy, and to have the opportunity to create 'everyday miracles' with him.

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Beyond Right and Wrong ::

Children are born knowing that feeling good is more
important than being "right." They know their emotions
are their Inner Guidance, and they trust it.

So why do they sometimes rebel and seem to care
more about being right? One possibility is that you
may be telling them something that contradicts their
Inner Guidance.

For example, if you say "It's time to go," while their
Inner Guidance tells them to stay, they know you're
talking crazy talk!

If you say "You shouldn't touch that," while their
instinct is to explore, one of you is lying... and
it's not them!

You can end conflict and transcend right/wrong
thinking by tuning in to *your* Inner Guidance. Give
it some time... The heart is slower than the head, but
it's wiser, too.

If you go deep enough, you'll find the place where
your Guidance and their Guidance overlap -- the
common ground where everyday miracles are born.

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  1. Interesting concept. Free thinking ideas in the mind of a child.

  2. What an interesting post, thank you for sharing it and I will pass it on with the appropriate identification. I always remember reading a framed, up-on-the wall letter from a child to a parent in my son's pediatrician's office. They were pearls of wisdom and I wrote it all down but over the years it has gone. However, I do remember this one line, "Don't ask me why I do these things, I don't know myself." It's always stuck with me. Great blog, I enjoy your photos, your little boy is adorable.