11 March 2009

Outside our front door

Sunnyboy was given a tin with pictures of Buzz Lightyear and Woody on. The tin itself got dented when he trod on it but we kept the lid and Nozy hung it outside our front door, so now we see it every time we get home. These pictures were taken after dark last night.

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  1. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! What a cute idea...to put the tin where you see it often! Thanks for sharing your photos.


  2. That's a fun place for you tin to be! And I love your blog header. It looks like a magazine spread with that precious little boy in the field, and the people having picnics. It's so buccolic. Love it!

    Happy OW...


    Sheila :-)

  3. How cute! He must love seeing this whenever you come home. Kathy

  4. I bet it brings smiles not only to you but to others as well who visits you and your family. Who wouldn't after seeing what's greeting them :-)

  5. Buzz and Woody...they welcome you home.How fun!

    Kathy b

  6. It's such a blessing to live with a little boy! Enjoy each and every precious day. My little one used to add to our decor with his action figures -- called it "decorating." LOL

    All the best, Lana @ Showers of Blessings

  7. Brilliant photographs!

  8. Great choice for today.

    Have a great Wednesday!