26 August 2009

Is the summer bad for your child's brain?

What about the rest of the year?
'Last week, I asked "Is the summer bad for your child's brain?" Peter Darby, founder member of online home education group, Action for Home Education explains how summer wasn't the problem....
"It wasn't the summer that worried us. It was the rest of the year." '
School Gate, Times Online
August 26, 2009


  1. routine, schmoutine...LOL.

    I love all seasons. We exercise our brain in everyday life in our home. Summer is welcomed, as is the other 3 seasons.

  2. That's so interesting! We always find ways to be creative and exercise our brains...it's always more fun than sitting around being a couch potato!

  3. I love it! I have long believed that the image of school children as sluggish couch potatoes during the summer vacation is a DIRECT RESULT of the overload they experience the rest of the year. Their minds and bodies simply MUST shut down as a defense mechanism so they can recharge. When you unschool you follow your body and mind's natural rhythms of work and rest and therefore have no need for months of detached recovery.